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(Family) Zoom Gift Certificate

(Family) Zoom Gift Certificate


Breathwork is an active guided meditation. This breath technique allows us to relax deeply as it stimulates different parts of our mind, body, and spirit where trauma, grief, pain, and anxiety can be stored. Classes are an hour long and offered in the evening when we have a chance to wind down, and which can also be when our anxiety and depression are at their most difficult. It is said that one class can be equivalent to 3-10 therapy sessions - all without having to talk about whatever is troubling you. And Christina will guide you through the process so you don’t feel alone. The fun music played in the background helps, too! Allow us to support you in class individually or we also offer classes for 2 or more- so feel free to sign up as a family or friend group.

Individual Breathwork and Family Breathwork run concurrently with two different times to better accommodate your schedule.


6:30 PM

8:30 PM



For Breathwork you will need:
• The ability to see and hear me
• 2 rocks
• Eye pillow or wash cloth
• Pillow for your neck and under your knees
• Blanket (optional)
• Saging or using oils on body and/or diffuser beforehand (optional)



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